Today I tested a fantastic tool to do quick and fun quizzes in the English classroom. I wanted to revise grammar and content of the last two months in my second grade in a straight forward and competitive way.

Kahoot! seemed like the right option. This platform offers quick quiz creation and moreover has a database of over thousands of public quizzes from other users. And it’s incredibly easy to use…

Students have to log in with their smartphones, choose a nickname and wait for the competition to begin. It’s a lot of fun and an exciting break from usual lessons. After each question they can check how all the students/teams performed and then see their place on the leaderboard. Teachers have the option to export the results to Numbers or Excel.




It is, however, important to check if the students‘ mobile phones are properly working (especially important in lower secondary grades) and whether the school wireless network is working in the classroom. Students‘ points are based on the time it took them to choose the correct answers, so a quick internet connection is essential.

All in all, I’m quite enthusiastic about this tool, as I think it provides lots of opportunities to integrate quizzes, surveys or even discussions in the modern classroom.


PS: There are also options to integrate quick surveys or quizzes in presentations. If you’re looking for something like this, you might enjoy slideidea.



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