is an online platform where people their ideas about food options at schools. This is what a young woman from Britain writes:

by Jessica Miller

February 10

I still remember the day when I carried my lunchbox to school, but I can’t remember what was inside. Maybe I can’t remember because it was the same as everyone else’s food. And with school cafeterias the variety of food offered at school didn’t get any better.

Why is it that we do not care about the food that is offered at school? What’s it like in your country, at your school?

You have decided to comment on this blog post. In your blog comment you should:

  • describe the food situation at your school
  • suggest what kind of food should be offered at school
  • discuss if schools are responsible for teaching pupils about food

19 Kommentare zu „

  1. by Helena Ottner
    March 4th
    Hi Jessica Miller, I´ve just seen your blog entry on the topic „food options at schools“ and I have to emphasize, that the situation you described is very contrary to my view on these things.
    I don´t know how it is in England, but in Austria, and especially at our school, the topic healthy living and eating and also eating environmentally friendly is very important. We have a school cafeteria that offers many biologically produced things. There is a quite big variety of different things you can buy there. At our school, you normally not only eat breakfast and lunch- you eat a snack in the middle, too. Which is, by the way, more healthy. And those snacks are for example bred rolls filled with cheese, salad and tomatoes. And also our school offers an afternoon-support for the children, where they get a warm meal for lunch. And there is always a normal and a vegetarian option and both of them are switching every day, so that no one has to eat the same food twice.
    And I think, this is quite a good system. Because you can get a warm meal for lunch, which is, proved through studies, better for the health. And if you just want a snack in between times, you can choose between many different collations , that are all at least not bad. And everyone can choose how healthy he/she wants his/her snack to be. Furthermore I think, that other schools, who have not such a good system, could copy this from our school.
    Because schools should educate their pupils to be responsibly eating and healthy grown-up´s. Our school does that at one side with teaching them, how to do it and on the other hand with even offering it.
    So if the situation at your school is/was that bad, here are a few ideas, how you could change it, if it is really important to you. So these are my thoughts and I am really looking forward to hear, what you think of my ideas.
    P.S.: I wrote too many words on purpose, because the blog entry was way too short and I want to offset this.

    1. by Raphael Dohnalek
      March 5th

      Hello Helena Ottner, I totally agree with you in the most points, but I have to say two things.
      First, the queue times until you get your food are very long and second, I think you only get a warm meal, when you are in lower secondary. If these two things weren’t there, our school would have one of the best canteen systems I could imagine.

      1. by Helena Ottner
        March 5th
        Hello Raphael Dohnalek, thank you for commenting on my comment- I really like that! 😉 And thanks too, that you read the whole text, I know it´s much. Sadly your are right about the queues, but you can get a warm meal also if you are in upper secondary. Because you can also join the afternoon-care in upper secondary.

  2. by Raphael Dohnalek
    March 5th

    Hello Jessica Miller, I’ve just read your blog on the topic „food offered at school” and I would like to tell you my view on this theme and try to answer your questions.

    When I want to get something to eat at our school, I have two options. The first is that I carry my lunchbox with my own food to school and the second option is that I buy products from our school-own cafeteria.

    The last years that I have gone to school, I always took a lunchbox with me and ate my own food from home. One of the reasons I did this is, that there are always so many students at the canteen you must wait for ages until you can order your food. This is annoying, because we only have two big breaks of fifteen minutes and in these breaks, I usually want to talk to friends or do something that does not kill my positive vibes.

    I cannot claim, that the situation at our school is the same as on every school in Austria, but I think it could get better. The food variety that is offered at our cafeteria is quite large and I am okay with it.
    But I really can’t stand these long queues you have to wait, before you can buy your food.

    These are my thoughts and facts I have for you, I hope you can change something at your school, that makes everything food related better.

  3. by Melii

    March 5

    Hi Jessica Miller, I have just seen your blog and I found it really interesting to read your thoughts about food in school.

    I never eat in school and I don’t take a lunchbox to school. We have a cafeteria with various baked goods but they are all overpriced.

    In our school, we have good kind of food. But maybe they can be offered lunchboxes with an apple, a sandwich and a juice for little money.

    Furthermore, I think schools are responsible for teaching pupils about food. Because students aren’t only in school for learning maths they also have to learn about their health.

    These were my thoughts about food in school and I’m looking forward to hearing what you think about my ideas and thoughts.

    1. by Nora Nitsch
      March 5th
      Hi Melanie, I totally agree with you in all points.

      Your idea, to offer lunchboxes for little money is really good. I hope one day it will get reality.
      I also have to agree that teaching pupils about how to eat healthy is important…more important than maths.

  4. by Nora Nitsch
    March 5th

    Hello Jessica Miller, I´ve just seen your blog on the topic „food at schools“ and I´d like to answer your questions.

    In my school (in Vienna, Austria) it is completely different. We have a cafeteria, which sells different kinds of sandwiches, cakes (healthy ones), salates, soups, etc., which change erveryday. The most of it is really healthy. Moreover, we are not allowed to drink energy drinks and some kind soft drinks. Unhappily, the food in our canteen is quite expensive and you have to queue pretty long to get some.
    Nevertheless our school really cares about eating healthy. They offered us to pay five to ten euros for one semester to get some fresh fruits each week. I don´t think that our class will accept this offer, because most of us take lunchboxes whit them, which are mostly quite healthy.

    All in all, I think our school manages this really well and it`s sad that not every school have a canteen, where they sell fruits, vegetables, sandwiches and stuff like that. I think it´s their commitment to at least give their students the chance to buy healthy food. This is how it is managed at my school and my opinion on this topic, I`m looking forward to hearing what you think about my ideas.

    1. by Eveline Andrici
      March 5th

      Hello Nora!
      I agree with you in all points.

      The statement that we are not allowed to drink energy drinks is right, but many students are ignoring this and do it anyway..sad but true..
      However, I also agree that we have to wait too long until we get our food but it’s not the end of the world:D

  5. Hello Jessica Miller, I’ve just read your blog post on the topic „Food at schools“ and I would like to show you my point of view about that.

    In my opinion the food,which is sold at our school, is pretty good in comparison with the meals other school cafeterias offer. We have sandwiches,sweats,snacks and bigger meals like pizza and soups or salads. And on top the prices of the food aren’t that big.

    For me it is important that the students get fresh and healthy food, so they can stay concentrated in class without passing out :P.I would say that every cafeteria should have fruits and some type of vegetables, then also something with meat like salami or something similar and maybe some cakes or sweats for those who can’t think without some sugar intus.

    A big problem is also the fact that many pupils don’t even know how to eat healthy. The school should at least give some advices for eating properly and healthy. Many students and also friend of mines don’t eat diversified. Like they eat meat every day at every time and I don’t think they are going to be good in future if they don’t stop. So this were my Ideas and thoughts about the topic and I am looking forward to getting an answer!

    1. by Michael T. Frühwirth
      March 5th

      Hello Marko Kraljevic
      I agree totally with your comment, but I think it is not relevant to teach how to eat „perfect“. Everyone has to know how to eat.

    2. Hello Marko
      I agree with you in every case
      You have cool ideas 👍🏼
      Some people should think about your thoughts
      I hope they can learn something from your blog

  6. Food

    Hannah Mensing

    Hello, Jessica Miller!
    One month ago, you posted your thoughts and ideas about food in school, and since this concerns me, as a student too, I want to respond.

    In my opinion, the school I visit sets a good example for other institutions. We have quite much of a choice. Our buffet sells freshly cooked meals, snacks, drinks and fruits for an affordable price. Still there are many schools, where there is no possibility to get any warm food or fruit. I think every student on every school should be able to get the requested amount of food to get energy for the class. 105.

    For more power and health of children and young adults, the state should establish a fix food offering on schools.

    about 130 words

  7. March 5th
    Hi Jessica Miller, I’ve just seen your blog entry about food in school and thought it would be very interesting to get to know the situation in other countries. So I’m going to explain the situation in Austria or at least in my school.

    I personally think that the topic food is handled very good in our school. We have a cantine that always serves fresh and organic food, like sandwiches, juice and sweet dishes. It’s just a bit pricy, but there is also a supermarket and a few restaurants near the school, so students can go there before the school begins or in their free periods.
    I would say that schools should talk to their students about what food should be available. Of course some things aren’t possible, the students have to be prepared to compromise. The school also should have the obligation to serve their students quality.
    It is very important that schools teach their students about food but in a very objective way. Everybody should make their own decisions about diet. But they have to get to know the dangers, so they can look at this topic sophisticated and make desicions that won’t get them into trouble.

    These were my thoughts about this topic and I’m looking forward to hearing what you guys think.

  8. by Eveline Andrici
    March 5th

    Hello Jessica Miller!
    I have just read your Blog about „food in schools“ and I want to answer your questions.

    In my school (Austria-Vienna) we have a great canteen,where we can buy every day fresh meals. Sandwiches, smoothies, cakes, soups,..
    I don’t eat often from the canteen, but if i do,then i buy only a soup. I often ate vegetable soup and creamy potato soup. I can really recommend them. We have also in the 15-minutes breakes a little corner where we have the possibility to buy yoghurts,cocoa,chocolate and more.

    For me it is really important to eat fresh and healthy food. What I like very much is, that Heidi (our shop assistent) sells food for every type of people (vegetarian, gluteen-free, dairy free,…). Warm meals are also important for lunch. Everyday we have a new daymeal, so it is very varied. We can also buy fruits and vegetables but they are too expensive for me.

    I think that schools are responsible to teach students about a healthy lifestyle. We also have the possibility to cook and eat together. (Only for students who chose this lesson). Maths,physics and the other annoying lessons are less important than household economics and cooking lessons.

    So these were my thoughts about this topic and I am looking forward to hearing what you think about my ideas and thoughts.

  9. by Michael T. Frühwirth
    March 5th

    Hello Jessica Miller,
    I have read your blog and I decided to respond to your blog entry! I will talk about the food situation in my school, which food schools should offer and if schools are responsible for teaching pupils about food.

    Firstly, in my school, there is a school buffet, where you can buy food. The pupils from the lower grades, can hire a warm lunch. I think this is a good „system“, because everybody can buy some food. If you don’t have enough money, you can pay on the following day.
    I think a school has to offer some fruits and vegetables, because this food has a lot of vitamins. I think everyone should be allowed to can eat during the big breaks a lunch. For people who don’t live so close to the school it would be a good thing.
    I don’t think that it is important to teach something about food, because the children are learning about food everyday. From their parents or maybe they read the package of the food.

    If you have other views on this topic, than leave a comment!

    1. by Marcel Haitzer
      March 6th

      Hello Michael T. Frühwirt
      I agree with you in all points,but I think it is important for children to learn something about food in school.

  10. by Marcel Haitzer
    March 5th

    Hello Jessica Miller,I have just seen your blog entry about „food options at school“.I read through it and I have decided to give you my thoughts about this topic.

    In our school,if we are hungry and don’t have a lunchbox with us,we can go to our own-school cafeteria,and buy something to eat.They offers warm and cold products,some of them are biologically produced.

    I think the products should be fresh and healthy.For some children it is also important that a school cafeteria sells vegetarian food and vegan food.But I think the best thing is,if you take your own food with you,because it is cheaper.

    I think the school is responsible to teach pupils about healthy food,because pupils must learn a lot of things that they do not need in there life so they should also learn something what they need in their life.In my school we have a subject called „Haushaltsökonomie“.This subject learns us about healthy food.

    These are my thoughts about this topic.I hope that your school can change something

  11. By Alex Sailer
    March 6th

    Hey Jessica 👋🏼
    I have read your blog entre about food options at school and diceded to write a comment and explain the situation in my school

    When I was young I had every day a lunch box with me ,but now I do not need one . Now I take sometimes a orange juice in school and when I’m hungry I have the opportunity to buy some food in our overpriced school cafeteria.

    The cafeteria is expensive but you have a wide variety of products . Pizza, raps,chocolate, different types of rolls and even more …
    There is anthing for anybody , you will find some to eat that you like

    I think school should be a bit responsible for teaching pupils about food and a healthy nutrition. This knowledge is comparatively really important to other knowledge e.g. 3 dimensional vectors…
    A healthy nutrition is very important in your daily life and every school should tell their pupils slightly some information about it .

    Hope you can retrace my thoughts and my opinion


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