Realtime Storytelling

Today I want to focus on a different method of introducing realtime storytelling in the English classroom. The internet (social media, specifically) offers an array of options to so. By using twitter, vine, instagram, youtube, flickr, etc. one can experiment a lot, and I’m sure students will find it very interesting to tell stories via such channels.


However, I’d rather like to focus on another tool which, albeit still being in its beta version, offers a very different and hands-on method to produce personal, original stories: WriteTheScene. Although this is a site which aims to offer „realtime storytelling with strangers“ it can be used in the classroom without any input by people from the outside. By adopting the format of a movie script, students pick a character name, connect with other students and spontaneously create their story, their world, their product.

It is very easy to use and shouldn’t demand a lot of introduction by the teacher. Maybe some basic film vocabulary is helpful (narrative, cut-to, etc.), but I do not think this is essential. Pupils type in their character name, and can then easily create a unique url, which is then shared with another student (a „co-writer“) who joins their „room“.

This could be a great source for those shy pupils we all know, who are not as talkative as their classmates. I suggest using this website in the upper secondary level, maybe as part of a „Wahlpflichtfach“.